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Cadence Collection Socks

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Based in California, Cadence Collection makes small runs of quality cycling kit. We've tested its socks.

Product Overview
Overall rating:
Cadence Collection socks


Nicely made
Original designs
Finish off your Cadence outfits

Not quite as soft as some alternatives
Decoration may snag

cadence collection cycling socks
Cadence Collection is a niche brand born in 2003 from the cycling experience – including working as a bike messenger – of San Francisco-based designer Dustin Klein. Cadence brings out niche collections of a few designs each year, typically including matching jerseys, tops and accessories, with the San Francisco and Accent Viz designs which we have tested being two of the six sock designs currently available.

As you’d expect, the San Francisco variant is the one with that city’s name embroidered into the fabric. It’s available with pink lettering only and the socks are a bit more closely woven under the foot, with a more ventilated weave over the top of the forefoot to provide extra cooling. Because of the embroidered lettering, there’s a lot of loops and ends of threads on the inside surface of the socks. You don’t feel these, but they might get snagged over time and stop the lettering looking so smart on the outside.

The Accent Viz socks have a less complex pattern and so less internal thread ends, so they are not likely to have this happen to them. The underlying sock body has the same technical features as the San Francisco though. The lack of decoration also brings the socks’ weight down from 45g to 38g for the pair.

The Cadence socks are comfortable to wear when out cycling, cool and wick well, although they lack some of the softness of some top end brands’ offerings. Nevertheless, they’ll add a touch of colour to your kit or complete the look if you’ve bought the jersey and shorts to match from Cadence. They’re available to fit UK foot sizes from 3.5 to 13.


Well made socks to match the rest of your Cadence outfit or just to add a bit of variety to your ride gear

  • Alex Jones
  • cyclingweekly

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