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CC Cycle look at the Keirin Raw Denim

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Over the last few years the urban cycling apparel market has grown rapidly, providing cyclists with high performance clothing that to the undiscerning eye looks relatively ‘normal,’ whilst maintaining the functional values of race orientated cycling kit. Take a look back 5 years or so and the urban cycling apparel market was virtually non-existent, commuting meant carrying a change of clothes or a rather uncomfortable ride to work in tight restrictive clothing. In 2010 Cadence was one of the first cycling companies to offer a pair of jeans that were cycling specific. Their aim was to provide a pair of jeans that would stand up to mile after mile of city riding without wearing thin or restricting the movements of the cyclist wearing them. Over the last 5 years Cadence have streamlined the design of their cycling specific jeans and latest offering, the Keirin jeans, are the finest they’ve produced so far.

The Keirin jeans are made in the USA from the highest quality 12oz raw denim, not only does this add to their durability, it also means the Keirin jeans will also mould and wear around you. As the Keirin jeans wear from the daily activities of your life you’ll be left with a pair of jeans that are completely personal to you. With a wider cut in the thigh and knee , combined with the addition of 2% Lycra to the denim, the Keirin jeans offer increased comfort and flexibility whilst cycling than previous denim offerings from Cadence. One of the problems I've found cycling regular jeans is the rise tends to be too low and as you bend over to reach the bars the back of the jeans drops down allowing a chill to rise up your back. Cadence have resolved this problem with the Keirin jeans by using a high rise waist thats a touch taller at the back than the front. Also at the back the Keirin jeans have been reinforced by a double layer of denim that continues from the crotch right through to the back pockets. This solves the problem of the jeans wearing thin from constant contact with the saddle, one of the problems that originally inspired Cadence to turn their hands to making cycling specific jeans. The rest of the Keirin jeans design remains fairly inline with what you would expect from any other pair of jeans, Cadence are keen that their jeans should appear from the outside just like and other and in my opinion this is something that works really well.

I do a lot of cycling round the city, never far enough to demand full cycling kit, but along enough demanding roads to require the clothing I wear to enable me to ride my bike properly. During recent rides wearing the Cadence Keirin jeans I have never been more comfortable. The Keirin jeans really come into their own when climbing, a realisation I made one morning when I decided to put them to a real test, hill reps of a quiet city centre climb with a max gradient of 10%. Climbing both in and out of the saddle the Keirin Jeans offered high flexibility enabling me to put down the power without feeling like the blood circulation to my legs was being cut off. One of my bad habits when it comes to city cycling is to only ever use my big ring. In the past this has lead to some pretty disastrous trouser leg chewing, the narrow lower half of the Keirin jeans helps to alleviate this problem without being so tight that the jeans pull up on your leg with each pedal stroke.

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The construction of the Keirin jeans is incredibly high quality, as good if not better than any other pair of jeans I’ve worn and believe me I've worn plenty, I am a bit of a denim nerd. Their cut makes them perfect for any regular city cyclist looking to stay comfortable with out having to don the fluro commuter “I’m a cyclist” look whilst off the bike. I've really enjoyed the time I've spent so far wearing the Keirin jeans and look forwards to seeing how the raw denim will wear as a result of my adventures on my bike

  • Alex Jones

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