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  • Cyclist review the Pinehurst Jacket
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Cyclist review the Pinehurst Jacket

Cyclist review our Pinehurst Jacket

Little known fact: Cyclist was very nearly called Cadence, and weren’t it for the might of Disney lawyers (who looked to deny us a trademark because Disney has a disc jockey penguin character called DJ Cadence), you could well be reading this on cadence.co.uk.
Only probably not, as cadence.co.uk is a website all about learning to drive something called ‘cars’. Alas, I digress.

This Cadence is a cycling apparel company from San Francisco, and here are two of its latest pieces of kit. First up, the jacket.

Key to clothing is fit, and fit is a subjective thing. However, there are some useful, relatively objective terms when it comes to cycling kit, and ‘race fit’ is one.
It’s a label applied to the Pinehurst, and one I think describes it well.

The Cadence Pinehurst jacket is made from the type of windblocker, parachute-esque material that has a tendency to flap about mercilessly unless the fit is snug.

cadence pinehurst jacket
So thankfully with the Pinehurst, the fit is. I found little excess material and as such the jacket was suitably aero. And quiet.

As a consequence, though, there’s little room for error as there’s no stretch to the fabric, and given its lightweight nature (127g size medium) I needed to pair it with a stretchy softshell jersey underneath for colder days, making the fit rather on the tight side.
A size larger for deep winter use would be more ideal.

There are too many clear or black jackets out there (although this is also available in dark grey), so the olive green and fluoro highlights were a nice touch.

Everything else was suitably in order too. Quality zippers from YKK, a large breathable back panel, comfy cuffs, and the whole thing folds into its own pocket, with nifty little tabs and bungee to mount it under your saddle or elsewhere about your bike.
Unlike many jackets that claim to be packable, the Pinehurst, genuinely is, easily fitting into a jersey pocket with no flailing arms or bulbous shapes.

cadence collection jacket
The downside? Despite being wind resistant the Pinehurst isn’t particularly water resistant. There are no taped seams, and the back is mesh, which though nice and breathable – and good at minimising the Michelin Man ‘blow up’ effect that happens when going fast – is in no way water resistant.

The whole thing is DWR coated, but from experience such treatments do fade.
Crucially how good you think the Pinehurst is depends on when and where you ride it. For really nasty weather there are hardier lightweight jackets out there.

However, as a temporary, genuinely stowable layer for early morning starts, extra layer for descents or as a lightweight safeguard to being caught out, the Cadence Pinehurst lightweight jacket is jolly decent, and its racy fit and high breathability make it an excellent hard-miles or sportive companion.

  • Alex Jones

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