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5 Independent Cycle Brands Killing It Right Now

We like to think the guys in the USA at Cadence are killing it in the clothing industry, but who is at the forefront of cool in terms of frame manufacturers. These are our picks...

Colossi Cycling

Colossi make some sick frames out of China.....China? yeah China, but this company is no run of the mill mass production outfit. Colossi was founded by Jan Kole, a former Dutch professional cyclist who raced in Europe in the 70s and 80s with the Solahart-Herca and Femis Bank squads.

After his racing career ended, Kole began making custom frames for bike shops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and the UK. As the industry shifted to Asia, he set up a workshop in 2005 in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, close to Hong Kong.

We love these guys as the original team of frame builders that Kole trained are still with the company, working together like a family as they keep costs low and quality standards high under Kole's demanding supervision.

Colossi bikes use Columbus tubing, and are FULL CUSTOM.Colossi bicycle frameset

Colossi bicycle frame


Filament Bikes

Formerly Craddock bikes these boys stand out as they make stunning Carbon frames IN THE UK. It is exceptionally rare these days to find quality carbon outside of Asia, but Richard and his team are killing it!

We love the fact someone is bold enough and has the skill to make gorgeous looking carbon bikes in the UK and stick it to the mass produced £99 carbon frames rolling out of Asia.

We also think the classic styling and simple graphics look great.

uk carbon bicycle frame

craddock carbon frameset

Hartley Cycles

In a male dominated world Caren Hartley is showing that women make stunning frames too. These steel beauties are handmade in London. Do we love this brand because they are made by a woman..... well yeah thats cool, but they are on the list because the look sick! See below for proof....

hartley cycle steel frameset

hartley cycle steel frameset

hartley cycle steel frameset

Feather Cycles

Based out of Yorkshire which is seemingly the home of cycling in the UK at the moment are Feather. Why are feather on this list? Because they make awesome steel frames (that winning UKHBS awards) ? Well..... yes but these guys stand out as they truly believe AND prove steel kills carbon.

Founder Ricky Feather and friends his team put the frames to the test by racing at a very high level on the road scene in the UK through the Feather Cycles Race Team..... nice.

feather cycles frame

feather cycles frameset

Field Cycles

Field are on this list for one MAJOR reason.... 'drool factor'

Steel frames handmade in Sheffield in a collaboration between a group of friends with various skills. These boys are putting UK handmade bicycles on the map, and are a rival for anything currently coming out of the USA.

Field cycles frameset

field cycles steel frame

field steel frame

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