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Team Full Denim Jacket is go....

We at Cadence UK are thrilled to be providing the racing division of the Fixed Gear London team some awesome Cadence kits and clothing this year.

Team Full Denim Jacket have some big goals and aspirations. The 12 man team will be tackling the Barcelona Red Hook Crit in September, but first up was the CadenceUK supported Thunder Track event at the Herne Hill outdoor velodrome in London- here, from the FGL blog is how they got on:

Yesterday was the LFGSS track day. Usually I (Duke A – hi, how are you?) would spectate but this time I had been siting on the fence about entering. I decided there and then that I would enter, which turned out to be the right decision! What also persuaded me to race was seeing my new team mates of @fulldenimjacket at Herne Hill. I didnt want to let them down!

The day kicked off with a 10 lap scratch race which would later determine the two groups – Cat A and Cat B. As soon as the whistle was blown i immediately felt uncomfortable! As I hadn’t ridden on the track for a while it all felt a little unfamiliar. As the pace picked up I could see ahead of me that the group was beginning to split. Because I wasn’t feeling very comfortable I hesitated to overtake the rider in front of me which led to me being placed in Category B – which wasn't a bad thing!

Next up was the mens point race. This consists of 15 laps and every 3rd lap, the first 3 riders to cross the line gain points. Still feeling a little unsure in my abilities I decided to sit in on the Pole line rather than be aggressive. However on the 9th lap the feeling of familiarity came rushing in! With this and my confidence returning to me i managed to cross the finish line 3rd and gain some points! However it was a little too late and i didn’t place very well.

Up next was the mens devil (my new favorite!) This race consists of the last rider to cross the line being eliminated! WIth my confidence back I came into the race with a new attitude. As soon as the race commenced i knew I had to sit in along the pole line but i had to be careful not to be boxed in. Every opportunity I had to move up to No Mans Land I took – so that I could move forward and pass other riders. I kept being aggressive and trying to lead the pack out. Before I knew it there was only four riders left! I had made it to the final lap. Sitting in third place the rider behind me (fourth place) decided to attack and pass me. However in his attempt he managed to graze my rear wheel which then forced me onto the Cote D’Azure with him passing me. Determined to place third I put the power down and caught up to him. Leading up to the finish line I decided to outsprint him on the outside. It hurt but i managed to pass him and place third!

Next up was the Hare & Hound which was cut short due to a crash – Heal up Chris and Barrington!! With the track out of use for the time being the race organisers came up with an awesome idea – a trackstand competition in the polo court! Indra of Fixedgearlondon (representing!) ended up winning in style with his Chris King cup in hand during the whole trackstand comp!

The mens finals then commenced with Atiba absolutely going H.A.M! Congrats on your multiple wins dude!

In the end it was such a rad day! I would like to say thank you to NLTCBMBC, those of LFGSS and all those who helped organise the day. I also would like to say thank you to my team mates of @FullDenimJacket for the support. One last BIG thank you to Cadence Collection and Continental for the support!

  • Alex Jones
  • FGLfixedgearlondonFullDenimJacketHerneHillKetaThunderTrack

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