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Velo Sur Mer Car Park Crits

On Friday night the Full Denim Jacket race team headed to Bournemouth to compete in the Velo Sur Mer car park crit. The event provided a great opportunity for the team to warm up and prepare for the final Red Hook Crit of the season- Milan this coming weekend.

The team put on a strong showing the Cadence Keta Kit with Dan Cooper in 4th, Kamal 7th, Levi 10th after crashing out, Torta Month 11th, Matt Johns 12th and Toto 6th in the women's after crashing out twice. Photo credit: Ben Ramshaw and KYCU Velo. Head over to the Velo Sur Mer Facebook to see more. Some shots were by Phil Jackson who can be found here: 

Bit less crash and I think you'll smash it next time guys ;) 


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  • Oct 08, 2015

    Great evening and great racing in the same event… I didn’t take any of these photos, some were by Phil Jackson though who can be found here: http://www.harbourviewphotography.com/Personal-projects/Car-park-crit/

    — Josh

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